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Caddy VetsSmall & Companion animals

Caddy Veterinary Practice has a devoted team, providing your pets with excellent veterinary care  


Whether you have a dog, cat or a furry hutched friend, our team of veterinary professionals will provide them with everything they need to lead a long, happy and healthy life.  

Here is a list of services we can provide. If your pet requires any additional treatments simply call a member of our devoted team and we will try to accommodate your requirements. 


Our devoted team has the expertise to investigate and treat all medical problems that your pets may have. 

If you have any concerns about the health of your pet, make an appointment and have them thoroughly examined. Spotting early signs of symptoms may prevent a condition from developing. 


We all know prevention is better than cure. With that in mind, we offer vaccinations for all species of pets.

Unfortunately, since not all owners vaccinate their pets, we still see regular and avoidable outbreaks of preventable diseases.  Protecting your pet from nasty, life threatening diseases is quick, simple and easy.

Dental procedures

Many animals suffer from bad breath, gum disease and dental abscesses from lack of cleaning. Our experienced team of vets can sort out your pet’s dental problems quickly and efficiently. 

X-rays and scanning

We have a digital X-ray machine that is able to provide fast and effective results. This could help your pet receive treatment quicker for conditions such as; pneumonia, gut problems, and broken bones. We can detect pregnancy from 4 weeks using our digital ultrasound scanner.

Blood analysis

We have state of the art blood analysers at the practice. This will allow us to get the results of your pet’s tests quickly, resulting in quicker treatment for your beloved animal.


Surgery is only performed when necessary, you can be rest assured that your pet’s surgery will be performed safely and extreme care is taken. Our experienced team will be helped by the efficiency of our fully equipped operating room.  

Post-operative care is as important as the operation itself. Our team of vets are always on site, monitoring your pets closely in our specialised recovery room.


There are lots of treatments available to pet owners for parasitic problems, but not all of them are effective. Our team of knowledgeable vets can advise you on the most effective treatments and how to prevent your pet from worms in the future. 

Flea control

There are many effective treatments for fleas. Your pet can be treated quickly by our team of veterinary professionals so there is no need for an outbreak of fleas in your own home. 


At Caddy Veterinary Practice we stock Clinivet and Hill’s prescription diets, which we use to help manage and treat a number of commonly occurring conditions.  We also run weight clinics to keep your pet in the best possible condition to avoid any health issues related to obesity such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.


Neutering can be the most important decision you make if you do not intend to breed from your pet. Not only will prevent unwanted litters, but also unwanted behaviour and disease.

We recommend neutering from 6 months of age for dogs and 5 months of age for cats. You may also be eligible for financial assistance. 


Microchipping became a legal requirement in Northern Ireland in April 2012. We would thoroughly recommend this procedure which involves the implantation of a tiny chip under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. 

This means that if you pet is lost or stolen then the chip containing your details will ensure the safe return to their rightful owner. 

Pet insurance

We would strongly recommend that you consider insuring your pet and can advise you on what you should be looking for from an insurance policy. 

Pet passports

Our devoted team can give you a complete package of requirements to allow you to take your pet abroad. This requires the paperwork you need, microchipping, rabies vaccination and a blood test. 

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