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October 2014 Blog

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December 31 , 2014 | Posted by Joe | No Comments

October 2014 Blog

Thoughts for the Farmer

What a great bonus the recent dry and warm weather has been. It must have saved a months meal bill!  I haven’t seen cattle look so well as recently.  If only this would continue through the winter.

To make this transition from the outside ideal to the indoor stressful environment, a few things seem to be very important.  They are good and repeated fluke dosing, worm dosing and pneumonia vaccination.  These things seem to have risen in importance over the last few years.

Not so big issues but still important are lameness and horns.  There is little point in carrying infectious lameness into the house.  Pare the lame feet and put all cattle through a foot dip at point of entry to housing.  Removal of horns is  really ‘a stitch in time’.

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