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We have years of experience, from vettings to breeding, we will provide your horse the highest standard of veterinary care 

Whether you have a Shetland, Connemara or Thoroughbred, our team of veterinary professionals will provide your horse with everything they need to lead a long, happy and healthy life.  

Here is a list of services we can provide. If your horse requires any additional treatments, simply call a member of our devoted team and we will try to accommodate your requirements either at the practice or at your yard.

Examination and diagnosis

Our devoted team has the expertise to investigate and treat any medical problems that your horse may have.

If you have any concerns about the health of your horse, make an appointment and have them thoroughly examined. Spotting early signs of symptoms may prevent a condition from developing.

AI (Artificial Insemination)

We are able to provide your mare with everything she needs to safely and successfully produce a foal. We generally ask you to bring the mare (the foal is also more than welcome if she has one at foot) to our practice. 

We will then scan your mare to ensure she is at the correct stage of her cycle. Once we have scanned her, we can then make an informed decision on what to do next. Sometimes your mare may have to wait here, stay over or come back another named day. 

At the moment we only use chilled semen because we find this most effective, which is delivered to our practice a day after request.  

The cost of this treatment is ongoing, and is charged on what we have to do accordingly. 


Our state of the art ultrasound facilities is the cornerstone of breeding work here at Caddy Veterinary Practice.  If your mare is to be scanned using our ultrasound facility we ask you to bring her along, so we can perform the procedure in our purpose built stocks. 


Our excellent facilities enable our veterinary team to safely and quickly castrate colts that you do not intent to breed from. We do prefer to complete this procedure at our purpose built surgery. And there is little doubt that the colts are quieter after a journey in the trailer. 

Our purpose built knock down box also allows our team to perform all types of surgery safely, especially unforeseen jobs like rig castration. 


We have a state of the art endoscope which can be used to diagnose breathing and airway problems rapidly. 

Digital X-rays

We have a digital X-ray machine that is able to provide fast and effective results. This could help your horse receive treatment faster.

Vetting (Pre-purchase / Insurance / Mortality)

Whether you require a 2 stage or 5 stage vetting, our specially equipped equine practice will be able to accurately determine your horse’s health.  We have a purpose built lunge arena to allow us to assess your horse during exercise. 

Dental procedures

We’re able to provide several dental procedures from rasping to extracting wolf teeth. We prefer to complete dentistry procedures at the surgery, just in case we need to use specialised electrical equipment that’ll ensure your horses teeth are not a problem in the future. 

We can always sedate your horse too, just in case they need to be calmed for our team to do a thorough job. 

We are hoping to add a new scope to our equipment that will link to a computer monitor so we can see inside your horse’s mouth while we perform surgery. 

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